Get Involved

We are just getting started, and we rely on the grassroots support of everyday organizers who volunteer their time to grow the movement against Wall Street greed and political corruption. Here are eight simple things you can do to help get ready for the June 20, 2012 Global Festivals for the Living Wage:

[1] Work With Your Local Occupy: There are hundreds of Occupy groups still holding regular meetings and events. Chances are, there’s one nearby. (And if there isn’t yet – it’s easy to start one!) General Assemblies are open to everyone, and everyone has a voice in the consensus planning process. So find your nearest Occupation and go to a GA! If they haven’t already endorsed the Occupy Midsummer Call to Action, propose it to the group.  E-mail us at to let us know what you are planning.

[2] Endorse The Call To Action: If you are a student, tell your classmates. If you are a worker, tell your co-workers and/or union. If you are an activist or community organizer, tell your organization. If you are an Occupier, talk to your regional or neighborhood assemblies, working groups, caucuses, and affinity groups. To add your group´s name, e-mail us at

[3] Organize a Festival in Your Town for June 20, 2012:  You can have a festival with a few friends, or your whole city. Take over a vacant lot, grow some food, and share it publicly. Take the day off work and hold a public festival. Hold a pop-up Occupation in old squares, or take new ones. Get together a bunch of musicians and host a free concert. (Guitarmy II?) Hold a traditional Midsummer bonfire and burn your debts away. (If you do, get a permit and do it safely.)  E-mail us at so we can add your event to this page.

[4] Spread the Word On Social Media: Follow us on Twitter at @OccupyMidsummer and tell your followers. Use the hashtags #OccupyMidsummer and #LivingWageNow. You can also like us on Facebook and show your friends:

[5] Make Media With Us: May Day showed us that our movement has some amazing media-making skills. Posters, videos, songs — whatever your talent, put it to us for the revolution! Find a few people who are interested in helping and start making fliers and literature to distribute. Get creative, and get to work! (Here’s a hint: OccuPrint collects, prints, and distributes posters from the worldwide Occupy movement. Get inspired!) Send us your finished project and we will try to use it.

[Click here] for full-sized Occupy Midsummer (northern hemisphere) poster.

[Click here] for full-sized Occupy Midwinter (southern hemisphere) poster.


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